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The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent welcomes you...
sample image alternative textI would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to this, the Royal Arch website of our Province.  The Royal Arch is a very special order in Freemasonry, one which we hope all Freemasons will wish to join. 

Craft masonry gives us an inspirational framework for life, exhorting us to improve our relationships with those around us and to practice our three grand principles of brotherly love, relief and truth.  The Royal Arch takes this further and makes all that has been presented in the craft complete and perfect in a beautiful, colourful and inspiring ceremony.

If you are intrigued, I would recommend that you explore this website further.  If you are a Master Mason and are curious, you will find much useful information which I do hope will encourage you to join, thus developing and enriching your understanding of Freemasonry.  Likewise, the website contains resources for Companions, Chapter Mentors and Lodge Royal Arch contacts.  You will also find news items and other links and resources which will, hopefully, act as a Royal Arch “one-stop-shop.”

I hope you find the website useful and would encourage you to contribute to it by submitting newsworthy items as well as any suggestions you may have for its improvement or for raising the profile of the Royal Arch still further in our Province.

Comp. Norman James Thompson, DL
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
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The Cumberland & Westmorland Royal Arch website is a new development and we are keen to collect your ideas on how it can be improved.

Please email your ideas as well as any Royal Arch items of interest to the Editor at the email address below.

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