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Great North Air ambulance donation

Banner dedication – Nicholson Chapter

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50th Anniversary in the Royal Arch
William Kerr Celebrates his Golden Jubilee in Royal Arch Masonry

The main business of Kendal Castle Chapters March meeting was to honour and celebrate a rather special occasion, the 50th Anniversary of E.Comp. William Kerr, PPrAGSoj’s exaltation as a member of the Royal Arch.

The Deputy Grand superintendent, Ex Comp Peter Mason was in attendance, with officers of Provincial Grand Chapter to present Bill with his 50 year certificate.

The following is based upon Ex Companion Masons address -

Companions, a Golden Jubilee of 50 years is a remarkable milestone in anyone’s life but for our celebrant this evening 50th Anniversary’s are becoming a regular feature as Bill has celebrated more personal Golden Anniversaries than most – His first celebration was his initiation into the Craft on November 29th 2012 and later in that year, his 50th Anniversary as a Mark MM, then he, and his dear wife Annette’s, Golden Wedding Anniversary on August 29th 2013, and tonight, after being exalted into the Holy Royal Arch in November 1964, we meet to celebrate his Golden Jubilee in this Order.

Our celebrant’s story begins in the year 1939. The year in which Britain and France declared war on Germany, and in Scotland, the birth of William Kerr, who entered this world on Wednesday the 13th of December in the small village of Penpont near Thornhill. Bill’s education commenced in the local Penpont Primary School, then Morton Academy and finally Dumfries Academy where his education was completed by obtaining academic qualifications in Maths and English which, no doubt was to hold him in good stead when, in 1957, he commenced employment as a Civil Servant. Bill retired after 36 years in that service in 1993, at the age of 54, after attaining the position as a Higher Executive Officer, heading the Fraud Investigation Team in the Work and Pensions Department – which, as we shall hear later must have been an ideal training ground for future Lodge or Chapter Treasurers? So if your subscriptions are in arrears, watch out!

Those of you who attended Bill’s 50thAnniversary in the Craft will know that he was initiated into Freemasonry at the age of 22 yrs on September 6th 1962 in Union Crown Lodge No 103, which meets in Glasgow under the Scottish Constitution, and progressed in that Lodge to Worshipful Senior Warden, before moving south with his employment to seek his fortune. After being raised on November 1st 1962, he was soon to complete his Craft Freemasonry, by being exalted at the age of 24 with two other Candidates in St John Royal Arch Chapter No 257 in Glasgow on the 11th of November 1964. An old established Chapter which joined the Supreme Grand and Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland in 1885, although its history is much older.

Unfortunately Bill’s progress in the Royal Arch was interrupted by his move south or rather south east from Scotland to the North East in England where in 1969 he became a Joining Member of a Lodge in the English Constitution in St Pauls Lodge No 3242 which meets in Jarrow in the Province of Durham. He subsequently became a Past Master and a past Treasurer of that Lodge, and attained Provincial Rank in the Province of Durham as Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.

A further career move brought Bill to Kendal where, as you are all aware, he became a joining member of Union Lodge in 1998, and with his accounting skills, soon took on the role of Treasurer, an office which he holds to this day. Bill was installed as Master in 1999, and we were delighted to see him and E.Comp. David Poole, promoted to the very high rank of PPrSGW at the recent Bi-Centenary Meeting of Union Lodge as a very well deserved recognition of their commitment to the Craft in general and their Lodge in particular.

Having been exalted in Scotland, Bill became a Joining Member of this the Kendal Castle Chapter on the 2nd of March 2000 and was installed as 1st Principal of the Chapter on the 6th November 2008. He has held the Offices of Treasurer and Charity Steward since 2010 and has the current Provincial Rank of PPrAGSoj.  Bill’s Masonic career is absolutely amazing and amply illustrates his dedication and commitment to Freemasonry as he is also:

A Joining Member of Westmorland Lodge of Installed Masters No 7111, A Founder member of Brigantes Lodge No 9734 in which he was Treasurer for 3 years. Also a Founder member of Kendalian Lodge No 9757 where he again became the Treasurer before occupying the Masters chair in 2012.
Advanced as a Mark Mason in Bede Lodge No 605 in Sunderland in 1979, he became a Joining Member of Kent Dale Lodge of MMM’s No 195 in 1994 and was its Master in 2002. As you would expect he holds Provincial Rank as PPrJGW in that Order and yes you have guessed it – He is still the Lodge Treasurer.
A Past Commander of Kent Dale Lodge of RAM No 195 and a holder of PrRAMGR.
Past Preceptor of The Westmorland Preceptory, Knights Templar No 606 in which he is the Treasurer.
A member of Kirkland Tabernacle of Knight Templar Priests No 234.
A Past Most Wise Sovereign and Treasurer of the Westmorland Chapter Rose Croix No 476, holder of the 30th Degree.
Past Most Puissant Sovereign of Dykes Conclave No 36 in the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine with the rank of Divisional Herald.
Past Master of Birley Council No 79 in the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees and the current District Grand Treasurer.
A member and Treasurer of the Lakeland Council Royal and Select Masters No 607.
He is, of course, still deeply involved in the management of Kendal Masonic Hall and Kendal Masonic Club as Treasurer of both for a number of years and is a Trustee of the Hall.

Bill is also a Past President and Treasurer of the Westmorland Caledonian Society and I read with interest that you are a Queens Scout – An honour which I also attained – Happy days !

Companions - I think you will all agree - A truly amazing Masonic career for a man who has not only joined the Orders mentioned previously but has involved himself deeply in them by taking on responsible and time consuming Offices in them all.

E.Companion William Kerr PPrAGSoj – It is a special delight for me to attend your Chapter this evening to honour you by presenting a 50th Anniversary Certificate to you on behalf of the Grand Superintendent and the Royal Arch Province of Cumberland and Westmorland as a mark of our sincere affection and appreciation for all you have done, and still are doing, for Freemasonry in this Masonic Hall and this Province. May you continue to have the best of health to enjoy your Freemasonry and us, your company, for many years to come.

Updated by Editor; 11/03/2015

Craft and Royal Arch appointments

The Provincial Grand Master/Grand Superintendent is pleased to announce the following appointments and promotions in Grand Rank.

Craft-First Appointments
David Holland, PAGDC
Alan Sewell, PAGDC
Ian Francis Turner PAGDC

Joseph Anthony James PJGD

Royal Arch First Appointments
Kenneth Clark Archer, PGStB
Christopher Charles Butterfield, PGStB
William Henry Morley, PGStB

Peter Mason, PGSwdB

Updated by Editor; 11/03/2015

Scribe E
Guidance available ...

Click on the link below or the new webpage on the left to discover the Provincial Guide for Scribes E

Updated by Editor; 14/12/2014

Scribe E

Belted Will Chapter receives the Travelling Pedestal
Union Chapter No 310 presents the Travelling Pedestal

E.Comp. Brian Duncan, First Principal of the Chapter of Union 310 in Carlisle, presents the Travelling Pedestal to the Principals of Belted Will Chapter 3189 in Brampton

Present were, E.Comp.Stanley Moffat, Provincial Grand Scribe N, E.Comp.David Kellet, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, E.Comp.Ron Cameron 3rd Provincial Grand Principal.

Submitted by E. Comp. Ron Cameron, 17/02/2015

Travelling Pedestal
Presentation in Workington ...

At the recent convocation of the Chapter of St. John 8660, the Travelling Pedestal was presented by Windermere Chapter 2217 in the person of E.Comp.Gerald Davies 'H', accompanied by nine companions.

In all 46 companions, including a visitor from South Africa, witnessed a double exaltation ceremony carried out in exemplary fashion by all who took part, 15 companions in all.


There were two further propositions of candidates for Exaltation on some further date, adding to the one already waiting to be admitted.

E.Comp. D. Kellet. The Asstistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, presented a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate and E.Comp. S. Moffat Prov.G.S.N. presented the R.A.booklets and a document of setting the scene to the candidates.

Afterwards all enjoyed a lively and convivial festive board at which the M.E.Z Trevor Bromley presented a cheque of £100.00 to E.Comp. Kellet for the Cumberland and Westmorland Fishing Association to help continue their excellent work with disadvantaged children.

In all a super afternoon of masonic fellowship was enjoyed and arrangements are in hand for the Pedestal to be presented to another Chapter.

Submitted by E. Comp. K Archer

Setting the Scene
Deputy Grand Superintendent's Paper Goes Global ...

The paper entitled 'The Exaltation Ceremony - Setting the Scene', written by E. Comp. Peter Mason, DepGSupt, has found its way to Chapters in South Africa and was received with great interest. Already, Chapters in the District are using the document in their ceremonies. A copy of the letter received by Tim Smith, DDGS of the District of South Africa is available to read from the link below.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Mason, DepGSupt., 10/11/2014

SA Setting the Scene

Electronic Form P
Calling Scribes ...

Click on the link below to be directed to the Provincial Information page where you can now download an electronic pdf Form P. Please note that these must be printed on A4 paper double-sided (90gsm), otherwise they will be rejected..

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Mason, DepGSupt., 13/08/2014

Provincial Information

RMBI Chief Executive
Address to PGC ...

Click on the link below to read the fascinating address given by David Innes, CEO of RMBI, when he visited Provincial Grand Chapter in May.

Submitted by W. Bro. Peter Clark 21/06/2014


Bringing the Principal Sojourner's Part to Life
Installed Principals' Chapter ...

The June meeting of Cumberland and Westmorland Installed Principals' Chapter No 8071 met by dispensation at Flowerden House, Milnthorpe on Friday 6th of June 2014.

At the end of the Deputy Grand Superintendent’s presentation: “The Royal Arch? – I just don’t understand it!” in which he suggests ways of making the Royal Arch ritual more user friendly, more understandable and more enjoyable, a demonstration, showing how the Principal Sojourner’s account of the important discovery made by the Candidate during the Exaltation ceremony can be made more meaningful, understandable and ‘brought to life’ by using a little more effort and imagination in its presentation.

The ‘Principal Sojourner’ - Companion David Lamb of Windermere Chapter No 2217 gave an superbly outstanding delivery of the 3rd part of the Principal Sojourners story relating to the dramatic discovery made in the Royal Arch Exaltation Ceremony, which was brought to life by actually drawing lots and having the ropes attached to him inside the Chapter, after which he entered the vault through the gap in the arch made by removal of the 2 arch-stones. The lights were immediately dimmed to simulate the darkness of the hidden vault where a scroll of vellum or parchment was found and after being ‘drawn up’ by his colleagues to the light of day, the room lighting was restored and he discovers that the scroll was part of the long lost Volume of the Sacred Law. After removing the Keystone, he was again lowered into the darkened vault (general lighting extinguished) and the pedestal was immediately and dramatically floodlit simulating the Sun’s meridian rays shining through the opening, enabling him to distinguish those objects which he was previously unable to observe. The pedestal was approached with reverential awe and the important discovery on the plate of gold was revealed.

After being ‘drawn up’ and the lighting in the room had been fully restored, the discovery was communicated and the demonstration ended – The team were then suitably thanked by the MEZ for their magnificent and illuminating presentation and applauded by those present.

Comp. David Lamb as Principal Sojourner was ably assisted by E.Comp. Lee Irwin as Zerubbabel and E.Comp. Lee Robbins as 1st Assistant Sojourner, both of Wansfell Chapter No 2745, E.Comp. Ian Turner of Winder Chapter No 3984, as Scribe N, Comp. Herbert Nelson of Flowerden Chapter No 7576 as the Candidate and E.Comp. D Whicker the Scribe E of the Installed Principals Chapter. A ‘full house’ of no less than 55 Companions including 33 visitors, attended the meeting. 3 New Joining members were admitted and 3 more were proposed. All in all, an excellent night of Royal Arch Companionship was enjoyed by all present.

If invited, the team would be willing to give a demonstration of the above (subject to date) in any Chapter in the Province.

ALL INSTALLED PRINCIPALS are invited to join the Chapter, which offers an opportunity to meet old and new friends and learn more about the Order. The Chapter now meets 3 times per year (First Friday in June & September (Installation – September in Carlisle) and the 4th Friday in February. The February and June Meetings are held in other venues around the Province at the discretion of the MEZ. The Joining Fee is a very modest £18 which includes one year’s subscription. Propositions can be made by letter to the Scribe E, E.Comp. Dennis Whicker, 17 Fell Close, Sedbergh, LA10 5AP or by email - see below.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason, 10/06/2014

Link to Chapter contact details


Provincial Grand Chapter
A Memorable Day ...

The collections at the Annual Convocation held on Thursday 15/05/2014 in aid of the RMBI 2016 Festival are as follows:
Gift aid £1,421.50
Non Gift aid £ 146.42
Total = £1,567.92 plus Gift Aid of £355.37 = £1,923.29.

The collections for the previous years are as follows
2012 = £1,526
2013 = £1,416

Details provided by the Provincial Grand Treasurer.

The ME Grand Superintendent's Address can be read by navigating to the "Provincial Information" page on the left side of your screen.

Also, click on the link below to read of the Travelling Pedestal results which were revealed at the PGC Meeting.

Updated by Editor 19/05/2014

Travelling Pedestal results

Long Service Certificates
A special presentation ...

It was a pleasure and privilege, to honour one of our Masonic Elder statesmen and present not one but two long service certificates to Worshipful Brother and Excellent Companion Stanley Kane. The certificates recognise a total of 130 years dedicated service between both the Craft and Chapter.

Stan joined Eden Lodge in 1944. And it took him 14 years to attain the chair in 1958. He followed his great friend Jack Russell and preceded one James Harper Head. They were, three, of an illustrious band of Characters. Stan was determined to make his mark in the Lodge, and he broke with Eden Lodge tradition of allowing Past Masters to work degrees, as he did all the work himself throughout his year in the Chair.

I think this is a unique distinction as I don't know of that being done, in Eden Lodge, before or since his year.

Stan brought his financial talents to play both on behalf of Eden Lodge and also the Masonic Hall Management committee. Through his efforts both were financially secure for many years.

He was very proud of his Lodge and gave it 100% support in turn he was always prepared to give personal support to each Master. Stan was very much his own man, he wanted things right... he was never afraid to correct any item of business or Lodge or Chapter proceedings, indeed in his latter active years, Permanent Committee knew if Stan turned up something was a foot..

Stan joined Sun and Sector Chapter in 1954 becoming Z in 1965 becoming PPGSN in 1975. Stan rarely missed a meeting taking great pride in reading the scriptural passages with great aplomb, indeed making that very much his own. His determination and skill won him many friends, in both orders, and the respect of everyone who came into contact with him. So it is was an honour for me to visit Stan and His wife Betty in the residential home where they now live to present Stan with his 70 Year Craft Certificate and also his 60-year certificate in the Royal Arch Chapter. I know we will all wish Stan good health for his 93rd birthday this year and Betty for her 92nd , a remarkable couple and a joy to be with.

Keith Beattie
Provincial Second Grand Principal.

Submitted by E Comp Keith Beattie 06/05/2014

Grand Rank
News of appointments ...

Please click the link below to be redirected to the main website where you will read of news of Royal Arch Grand Rank appointments in the Province.

Updated by Editor 17/04/2014

Grand Rank

The Travelling Pedestal Arrives
Encouraging Visiting Chapters ...

A new initiative is being launched to encourage more visiting of Chapters - the Travelling Pedestal. Intrigued?..... have a look at the link below.

Submitted by E. Comp Peter Mason 28/03/2014 Updated 17/04/14

Travelling Pedestal

100 years of Royal Arch Masonry ...

Click on the link below to read a report of a special double 50-year certificate presentation.

Updated by Editor 15/03/2014

100 years

Lewis Installation
A memorable evening in Whitehaven ...

Click on the link below to read a report of the recent Lewis Chapter No 872 installation convocation.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Clark 17/02/2014


Sharing The Work
Brigantes Chapter ...

There will be a further demonstration of sharing the work - involving all three Sojourners, Principals and other Companions - at the meeting of Brigantes Chapter in Windermere Masonic Hall on 21st April 2014. Click on the link to see more details.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Mason 17/02/2014

More information

50 Year Certificate
Comp. Derek Gardner ...

The February meeting of Bective Chapter 1074, which meets in Kirkby Lonsdale, was dedicated to celebrating the Golden Jubilee as a Royal Arch mason and the Bective Chapter membership of Companion Derek Gilbert Gardner. E.Comp.Peter Mason PAGSoj, Deputy Grand Superintendent, was present to celebrate and present Comp. Gardner with his certificate.

Derek made the journey from his home in Newark in Nottinghamshire to attend the meeting in this his mother chapter and celebrate his 50 years membership.

More information is available via the link below.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Clark 13/02/2014

More information

Royal Arch Bicentenary
The 2013 Royal College of Surgeons Appeal ...

Please click on the link below to read news of an important communication received by the Grand Superintendent from the Second Grand Principal regarding the Province's donations to the 2013 appeal.

Updated 12/02/2014

RCS appeal

A Special Convocation
Three Senior investitures at Brigantes Chapter ...

Click on the link below to read of the investitures of E. Comp. Peter Mason as the new Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Ron Cameron as the Third Provincial grand Principal and E. Comp. Dave Kellett as the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

Updated 01/02/2014


Chapter of Regularity
Installation Report ...

The Chapter of Regularity 339 Installation on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 was attended by E.Comp. Ron Cameron, on his first official duty as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal since his appointment and investiture at Brigantes Chapter on Saturday 18th January.

E.Comp. Shane Huddart was installed as 'Z', E.Comp. Geoff Taylor was installed as 'H' and E.Comp. Keith Johnson as 'J'. The high standard of ritual in the installation ceremony of the three Principals and the appointment of chapter officers made it a very enjoyable evening.

At the festive board it was announced that the chapter will be in future be involving a larger number of its companions in the work by adopting the shared ceremony model, the aim is to encourage greater participation and understanding by all the companions.

Submitted by E Comps. Ian Turner / Peter Clark 25/01/2014

50 Year Certificate
A Special Occasion for Companion Brough ...

On Wednesday the 15th January, Nicholson Chapter No. 371 were pleased to welcome Excellent Companion Keith Beattie, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal into their Convocation to present a 50 year certificate to Companion James Atkinson Brough.
In 2010 Companion Brough celebrated his 50th anniversary in the Craft as a member of Miramar Lodge No 4490 and was now claiming his 50 year Chapter certificate giving him a twicer so to speak.
E.Comp. Beattie conveyed to the Chapter that 50 years membership of any organization is a remarkable achievement by any standards and it is right that it is recognized in this special way.
The Chapter then received a short resume from E.Comp, Beattie of Companion Brough’s life. The Chapter heard that James Atkinson Brough was born on the 31st August 1934 and was educated locally at Solway House in Maryport. As a school boy Companion James developed an early interest in the game of Rugby, becoming an accomplished “Scrum Half” and eventually playing for the County and his RAF teams.
On Leaving School Companion Brough joined Greggains of Maryport and trained as a Mechanic but, like all young people of the time, his employment was interrupted by National Service when he joined the Royal Air Force and achieved the Rank of Leading Aircraftman, still managing to follow his passion for Rugby by playing for his Air Force teams.
In 1958 Companion James married Avril and he has been happily married for 55 years.
Bro. Brough was initiated into Miramar Craft Lodge by Wor. Bro Harry Bell and joined Nicholson Chapter in 1964. In 1984 Bro. Brough had been invited by Bro. John Gillespie to sing the Masters song at his Installation into the chair of Miramar Lodge. The news of Bro. Brough’s fine baritone singing voice travelled fast, resulting in him accepting invitations to sing the Masters song in Wigton, Aspatria, Cockermouth and Whitehaven. Bro. Brough continues to sing the Masters song at Miramar and has notched up 29 years in that role. Companion Jim was a Founder member of the Christ Church Men’s Choir, has had two spells as Church Warden, and is currently the Church Verger. Companion Jim has also been licensed by the Bishop to administer the sacrament at Holy Communion.
E.Comp. Beattie closed by congratulating Companion Brough on being a worthy companion of our order and wished him every success for the future.
Scribe Ezra was then called upon to read the 50 year certificate.

E.Comp. Beattie then directed the Deputy Director of Ceremonies to escort Companion Brough round the Chapter for the companions to greet him with acclamation.

Submitted by Comp. Andrew Inglesfield 17/01/2014

Bective Chapter
Report of a recent Installation ...

Bective Chapter, who meet in Kirkby Lonsdale, held their installation meeting on the 6th December 2013. Installing ‘Z’, E.Comp. Joe Sudhaker, began an excellent ceremony by thanking all the officers and companions of the Chapter for their support in his year of office. The installation of the three Principals was then witnessed by E.Comp. R.F Roeschlaub, PGStB, Third Provincial Grand Principal and many companions from across this and other Provinces, expertly guided by E.Comp.Michael Mashiter, Chapter DC.

E.Comp. Nigel Pickering was installed as MEZ, E.Comp. Julian Thornton as ‘H’ and E.Comp. Richard Cowie as ‘J’.

Photograph shows, E.Comp.Richard Benn, Deputy Provincial GDC; E.Comp.Julian Thornton ‘H’; E.Comp. R.F.Roeschlaub, E.Comp.Nigel Pickering ‘MEZ’ E.Comp.Richard Cowie ‘J’, E.Comp.Joe Sudhaker ‘IPZ’.

Submitted by E. Comp Peter Clark 09/01/2014

The Travelling Pedestal
Encouraging Visiting Chapters ...

A new initiative will be launched soon to encourage more visiting of Chapters - the Travelling Pedestal. Intrigued?..... a letter has been sent to all Scribes E describing this new approach which you can access via the link below!

Submitted by E. Comp Peter Mason 07/01/2014

Travelling Pedestal

Passing the Veils
Successful Demonstration at Penrith ...

On Friday 29th November, I had the honour and pleasure to produce and narrate a demonstration of “The Veils and other items of Royal Arch Interest” with the assistance and support of the MEZ and Companions of Custodes Copiae Chapter No 9430 who enacted the ritual to a gathering of over 60 Companions last night in Penrith Masonic Hall.

Before the commencement of the demonstration the Grand Superintendent – E.Comp. Norman James Thompson and his team of Acting Provincial Officers were paraded into the room under the direction of E.Comp. Barrie Bower, the Provincial DC. After taking their seats, the narrator explained the historical background of the veils ceremony, once a preliminary to the English Exaltation Ceremony, which was set in a representation of the Hebrew Tabernacle with its veils of blue, purple, scarlet and white as described in the VSL. The 3 Principals were duly introduced and seated in the East behind the White Veil and after the requisite knocks on the door the ‘candidate’ (E.Comp. Richard Benn), was admitted into the room by the Janitor (E.Comp. Jim Ingram). On being challenged by the Scribe N (E.Comp. Brian Marginson) the ‘candidate’ was required to prove himself in each of the 3 Craft Degrees (Note: before the Union only Past Masters could be admitted to the Royal Arch so, the ‘candidate’ would have also had to prove himself as a Master of Arts and Sciences). He was then guided through the ceremonial procedure of Passing of the Veils by the Scribe N including the challenges (signs and words) made at each veil by the 3 Guardians of the Veils (Blue Veil – E.Comp. Graeme Wilson, Purple Veil – E.Comp. Frank Barbour and the Scarlet Veil – E.Comp. John Stalker) before being shown the Arc of the Covenant, Table of Showbread, Seven Branched Candlestick, Tablets of Stone on which were engraved the 10 commandments and the Pot of Manna. He was then presented to the MEZ (E.Comp. E Crosby), as a Sojourner qualified for exaltation into the Royal Arch, after which the narrator gave an informative insight of how this would have dovetailed with the present Exaltation ritual. The Scripture readings containing the ‘words and signs’ of each veil were read by Joshua (E.Comp. Allan Whitehead) with (E.Comp. Ian Smith) completing the team by occupying the position of Haggai.

E.Comp. William Morley PGSupt of Dumfriesshire in the Scottish Constitution then gave a most interesting overview of how this now extinct English ceremony, discontinued at the time the ritual was drastically amended in 1834, still fits into the Scottish system known as the Excellent Masters Degree.

The ‘team’ then retired from the room which was then changed into a Royal Arch Chapter and an Emergency Meeting of the Custodes Copiae Chapter was opened by the 3 Principals. The evening continued with explanations given by each of the Chapter Officers rising in turn to deliver details of his biblical background and his particular duties in the Chapter, commencing with the 1st Principal (E.Comp. J.E Crosby), 2nd Principal (E.Comp. I Smith), 3rd Principal (E.Comp. O.A. Whitehead), Scribe E (E.Comp. M Mashiter), Scribe N (E.Comp. R Bridge), Principal Sojourner (E.Comp. R.I. Edmondson), 1st Assistant Sojourner (E.Comp. J Atherton), 2nd Assistant Sojourner (E.Comp. D Kellet) and ended with 3 Companions (E.Comps. K.R. Beaumont, N Eve and F Barbour) giving a detailed explanation of the regalia worn by all Royal Arch Companions all explanations were delivered in an exemplary manner.

To end the evening, there then followed a special extended PowerPoint assisted explanation of the Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate delivered by the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals. Originally designed by Laurence Dermott the Grand Secretary of the Antients in 1753 the Certificate was adopted by Supreme Grand Chapter at the Union in 1817 with some details of the historical background of the Royal Arch and its references to and indissoluble connections with the Craft.

After the Chapter was closed, the Companions retired to the dining room for supper at which the Grand Superintendent, in replying to the toast to his health proposed by the MEZ, thanked all those who had taken part in three very informative and enjoyable demonstrations of Royal Arch Masonry delivered by members of Custodes Copiae Chapter. The evening ended with over £200 being raised towards the 2016 Festival being by a ‘Chorley’ raffle.

A veritable feast of Royal Arch Masonry.

E.Comp. Peter Mason, PAGSoj, APrGPs.

Submitted by E. Comp Peter Mason 02/12/2013

Flowerden Chapter
An anniversary ...

Click on the link below to read an account of the recent Installation Convocation of Flowerden Chapter.

Submitted by E. Comp Peter Mason 28/11/2013

Flowerden Chapter

Veils Demonstration
An unmissable occasion ...

There will be a demonstration of the Veils Ceremony by members of Custodes Copiae Chapter of Provincial Grand Stewards No.9430 to be held at a special Chapter meeting in Penrith Masonic Hall on Friday 29th November 2013 at 7:00pm.

Click on the link below for more information.

Submitted by E. Comp Peter Clark 09/11/2013

More information - Veils

Brigantes Chapter
A Shared Installation ...

Clicking on the link below will take you to an informative account of the recent Installation Convocation of Brigantes Chapter No. 9734.

Submitted by E. Comp. R Erett 27/10/2013

Brigantes Installation

Royal Arch News Items
Two developments ...

Please click on the links below to be taken to the main website where you will read two interesting articles. One concerns a shared Exaltation at Winder Chapter. The other contains an account of the Royal Arch Bicentenary convocation at Supreme Grand Chapter.

Updated 27/10/2013

Winder Chapter


Shared Double Exaltation!
A memorable occasion at the Chapter of St John ...

My heartiest congratulations go to all the Companions of the Chapter of St John No 8660 who gave a magnificent performance of the Royal Arch Exaltation Ceremony by sharing that part of their ritual normally delivered by Zerubbabel (D Bowden) with Haggai (T Bromley) and Joshua (L Purser) and the Principal Sojourner’s part (A Lister) with the Assistant Sojourners (J Wilkins and D Denwood), immediately involving 6 members in delivering it at their well-attended Chapter Meeting last Saturday.

The ceremony was a double Exaltation (not an easy one to perform) bringing Bros J Davis and S Williamson, both of Kinniside Lodge No 8608, into Royal Arch Masonry and what a splendid afternoon it was, the interjection of different voices adding colour, flavour and interest to the ritual must have impressed both candidates and visitors alike. Likewise, the Historical and Mystical Lectures were also delivered in shared format involving no less than 7 Companions, (L Purser, A Moody, M Leeming, P Carruthers , D Yates, M Minshaw and N Thomason) some of whom were faultlessly ‘performing’ in a Royal Arch Chapter for the first time. The Festive Board was also equally enjoyable, with a real buzz of conversation in a happy convivial atmosphere with over £120 raised on the raffle for Charity.

Having spoken to both Candidates they confirmed that the Janitor’s Card had assisted them to understand where they were (historically) when their blindfolds were removed, revealing, without doubt - the most wonderful sight in Freemasonry bar none ! Both assured me that they had thoroughly enjoyed their exaltation into this Supreme Degree and are eagerly looking forward to future meetings.

This was the very first occasion that the shared version of their ‘Complete Workings’ ritual has been performed in the Chapter of St John, the delivery of it was first rate with barely any prompts and has, so I understand, encouraged some of those who took part (who would have otherwise dropped out of Office) to continue to progress towards the chair. All involved did a magnificent job and should be well satisfied with their personal contribution cumulating in a magnificent, most enjoyable and happy meeting.

Thanks also to K Archer (ScribeE), D Bradburn (DC) and P Dixon (ADC) for their efforts behind the scenes in preparing the team.

Well done to you all - Keep it up Companions – it will only get better (and even more enjoyable) as you get used to the changed format.

Has your Chapter considered putting ‘enjoyment’ into Freemasonry by sharing YOUR ritual ?

E.Comp. Peter Mason, PAGSoj,
Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals


Updated 14/10/2013

The Significance of the Royal Arch
Forthcoming talk at Carliol Lodge ...

Please click on the link below to be taken to the main website where you will read an advert for a fascinating talk to be given on 21st October at Carliol Lodge regarding the significance of the Royal Arch.

Updated 11/10/2013

Link to main website

Kenlis Installation
Installation of E Comp A Moore as M.E.Z ...

Please click on the link below to read of the recent Installation Convocation.

Updated 01/10/2013

Link to main website

Royal Arch Executive
Forthcoming changes ...

The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp John Walter Leslie, PGSwdB, has expressed a wish to retire after several very busy years in Office. John has been a real stalwart and worked tirelessly  for the Province and the cause of Royal Arch Masonry. His efforts have been very successful and he should rightly be pleased with the legacy he is leaving. We wish him a happy retirement from Office.

E Comp Peter Mason, PAGSoj, will succeed E Comp Leslie as Deputy Grand Superintendent and will be installed at the regular convocation of Brigantes Chapter on Saturday 18 January 2014. Our congratulations are extended to Peter, whom we all know has done a phenomenal job as Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

That change of course leaves a vacancy in the office of Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, and that is to be filled by E Comp David Kellet, PGStdB. David is well known to us all and will take on the challenge with his usual skill and enthusiasm. His investiture will be at the same meeting of Brigantes Chapter.

E Comp Robert Friedrich Roeschlaub, PGStdB, now taking on the Office of Provincial Grand Chaplain, is to retire as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in the Royal Arch. He will be succeeded by E Comp Ronald Cameron, PProvGSN. Ron will be installed also at the same meeting of Brigantes Chapter next January and we all wish him well in his new and important role.

Updated 01/09/2013
Rebuilding a Temple
Forthcoming event at Kendal ...

As a Royal Arch Mason , do you know:

Anything about the historic background to the ritual?
What do the different items of equipment on the floor of a Royal Arch Chapter represent?
What are the Platonic Bodies?
Why are there 6 candles around the pedestal?
What in this instance do the Bible, Square and Compasses represent?
What does the Arch represent?
What is the significance of the large Banners in the East?
Why are there smaller Ensigns around the Chapter carpet and what do they represent?
Have you heard an explanation of that magnificent and unforgettable scene revealed to us all in the ceremony of exaltation?

To obtain the answers to all of the above and much else besides, why not come along to a demonstration of the Re-building of a Royal Arch Temple that will be presented by the members of Custodes Copiae Chapter of Provincial Grand Stewards No 9430 in Kendal Masonic Hall in the presence of the M.E. Grand Superintendent – E.Comp. Norman James Thompson DL - and his team of Provincial Grand Officers on Monday October 28th 2013 commencing at 6.30pm.

Seating is limited and, therefore, early booking is essential – Ask your Chapter Scribe E for details.

Click below for further information.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 15/08/2013; Updated 01/09/2013

Further information

Download poster

Brigantes Chapter Share the Work in Workington
Special event is a great success ...

On Saturday July 20th, members of Brigantes Chapter No 9734 were delighted to receive the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Companion Norman James Thompson, the Deputy Grand Superintendent , E.Comp. John Walter Leslie PGSwdB, the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals, E.Comps. Keith Beattie and the Rev Fred Roeschlaub, together with a team of Acting Provincial Officers at their July convocation, which was held in the Masonic Hall, Gordon Street, Workington. Brigantes Chapter normally meet in Kendal but had agreed to move their July meeting to Workington, by dispensation, to give an opportunity for RA Companions in that part of the Province to see how the Exaltation ceremony can be made ‘user friendly’, more acceptable and more enjoyable by sharing the ritual traditionally delivered between the 1st Principal and the Principal Sojourner, simply by involving all three Principals and all three Sojourners in the work without, in any way, detracting from the dignity and solemnity of the occasion.

The main business of the afternoon was to exalt Bro. Michael Edward Collins, a member of Winder Lodge No 3984, into Royal Arch Masonry. The first part of the ceremony up to the Obligation was conducted between the 2nd Assistant Sojourner and Joshua, the 3rd Principal. The Obligation was then delivered by Zerubbabel. After the Candidate had been raised as a Companion of the Order and restored to light, the recommended ‘Charge after Enlightenment’ was given by the three Principals and the Candidate retired accompanied by the 1st Assistant Sojourner and Principal Sojourner.

On their return to the Chapter, seeking to participate in the re-building of the Temple, the 1st Assistant Sojourner continued the story with Haggai, the 2nd Principal, up to the point where the working implements are issued and the Candidate and Sojourners retire from the Chapter.

On their return, the Principal Sojourner and Zerubbabel completed the ceremony by delivering the final part of the story between them. The 5 signs were demonstrated by the IPZ and an explanation of each was given in ‘shared format’ by all 3 Principals.

The Mystical Lecture was presented by 4 Companions, each stepping forward to deliver his part and point out relevant items on the pedestal as appropriate.

The Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals informed those present what the Chapter layout represented at various points in the ceremony, as the scene changes from a building site in Jerusalem at the start of the proceedings until we finally arrive in the Grand Sanhedrim, the council which sat together to regulate the affairs of the temple and the religious life of the Jews, at the end of the story.

He stated to all present that the Exaltation ceremony had been delivered by no less than 13 Companions and hoped that everyone had found the ceremony both interesting and enjoyable and that it demonstrated that the work in the RA doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be made more acceptable and achievable by all without changing the words of your Chapter’s particular version of the ritual – Just the names of those delivering it. He expressed his hopes that more Chapters might consider adopting a similar approach to encourage more members to join in and progress through the offices by making the workload more acceptable to all.

The Grand Superintendent congratulated and thanked the MEZ and all the members of Brigantes Chapter for the excellent ceremony and endorsed the remarks made by the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

Updated by E Comp Peter Mason, 22/07/2013

Questions and Answers
What do you want to know? ...

Frequently (or occasionally) asked Questions and Answers are being added to the website regularly.

To view them, click on the link below or "Questions and Answers" on the left of this page.

Why not email a question of your own?

Updated by Editor 05/07/2013

Link to Q&A
Daily Advancement
Information available to all Royal Arch Masons ...

Have you encompassed the vault of knowledge available here on our website?

The navigation buttons to the left hold the key to your daily advancement. There are general papers suitable for all Companions, ritual resources, information for DCs, Chapter Mentors and Lodge RA Contacts as well as a selection of Questions and Answers.

And if you have burning Royal Arch question, we will do our utmost to answer it.

Why not explore further over the summer recess.....?

Updated by Editor 19/06/2013

Shared Exaltation Demonstration
Upcoming event at Workington ...

On Saturday 20th July at 4.00 pm, Brigantes Chapter No. 9734 will be giving a demonstration of a Shared Exaltation cermony at Workington Masonic Hall.

This promises to be an unmissable event and follows on from a successful similar venture last summer at Penrith. Full details are available from the poster which can be downloaded below.

Submitted by E. Comp. C Butterfield 23/05/2013

Download poster

Winder Installation
Installation of E. Comp. Ian Turner ...

On Monday 20th May 2013, Winder Chapter 3984 in Kirkby Stephen was pleased to receive the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Comp. Norman James Thompson DL and the Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp John Walter Leslie, PGSwdB, to their installation meeting where E.Comp. Ian Turner was installed as its 1st Principal, Ian is, of course, the current Provincial Senior Grand Warden in the Craft.

44 visitors attended the meeting representing 16 Chapters from across the Province. They witnessed and excellent ceremony and festive board.

Pictured are (left to right): J – E.Comp. John Thwaites: H – E.Comp. Alan Hayhurst, Z – E.Comp. Ian Turner and Installing 1st Principal, E.Comp.Keith Lowthian.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Clark 22/05/2013

The Grand Superintendent's Address
Annual Convocation and Investiture...

On Thursday 16th May, the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter was held at Carlisle.

The full text of the address given to the Companions by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Comp. Norman James Thompson DL, can be read by accessing this link.

An archive of addresses is available by accessing the "Provincial Information" button on the left.

Updated by Editor 17/05/2013

Janitor's Card - Any Feedback?
Do you have any thoughts on our new development? ....

The “Janitor’s Card” has hopefully been in use in Chapters for a few months now. The text printed on it should help the Candidate to know ‘where he is ‘historically’ and who represents in the ceremony’ when the hoodwink is removed. The overall aim is to contribute to the education of new Exaltees and to minimise confusion.

If your Chapter has been using the card we would be very grateful for any feedback. Please use the email address on the right of the screen.

The card can be downloaded by accessing the link below.

Updated by Editor 12/05/2012

Janitor's Card

50 Year Certificate
A special celebration .........

Please click on the link to be re-directed to the main website where you will read of the 50th anniversary in Royal Arch masonry of E Comp Ian Hamilton.

Updated by Editor 11/05/2013

Diamond Jubilee
A special celebration .........

Please click on the link to be re-directed to the main website where you will read of the diamond jubilee in Royal Arch masonry of Companion George Simpson of Belted Will Chapter.

Updated by Editor 10/04/2013

New Information for Mentors
A new paper .........

Mentors please note that a new paper has been added to the Mentor Zone. It describes the key moment in the Exaltation ceremony and may be of interest to you. You can download it from the Mentor page - see link below or navigation on the left of each page.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 04/04/2013

Link to Mentor Zone

Royal Arch - Interest and Involvement
A new resource .........

A new booklet has been published entitled "Royal Arch - Interest and Involvement". It is designed to give Chapter DCs and Principals ideas on how to enhance the experience and enjoyment of Companions within their Chapter through greater involvement. This includes participation in shared ceremonies.

Hard copies of the booklets are being widely distributed and the booklet is now available to be downloaded via the DCs' page on this website - please see the link on the left. Alternatively, a direct link is provided below.

If you have any feedback on the contents, please email the Website Editor.


Updated by Editor 11/03/2013

Royal Arch - Interest and Involvement

Chapter Grand Honours
Royal Arch Grand Rank .........

Click on the link below to read news of two appointments to Royal Arch Grand Rank in the Province.

Updated by Editor 06/03/2013

Grand Rank - C&W Main website

Bective Chapter No. 1074
February Convocation .........

Click on the link below to read an account of this Convocation which featured an interesting talk by E Comp Peter Mason..

Update by Editor 05/02/2013

Bective - C&W Website

Double Exaltations
The format explained.........

Click on the link below to take you to the DC webpage where a new document has been added. It deals with the procedure for Exalting two candidates on the same evening.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 03/02/2013

DC Page

2013 Royal College of Surgeons Appeal.
An important update from E Comp Keith Beattie which has been sent to all Chapters

I am pleased to report that, through the efforts of all the Chapters in the Province, we have now contributed £17,951.72 to the 2013 appeal. This is £1,239.22 more than the £10 plus gift aid per member suggested. This is a wonderful achievement and I am asked to convey the thanks and congratulations of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent to all the companions for their efforts.

I would like to add my own thanks to each chapter Charity Steward for their good natured approach to fundraising over the past year. It is, in large measure, down to their hard work that we have been so successful.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is aware of the current demands on our finances both as individuals and as Chapters and Lodges. Also that we are all working hard to support the 2016 Craft festival. In view of this he has asked that we close the 2013 Chapter appeal as from 28th February 2013.

Details of the planned celebrations to be organised by Grand Chapter in London appear on the Grand Chapter web site (please see the link below). Anyone interested in attending has to apply to Grand Chapter via the website.

Thanks again to each and every one of you for your support, showing that our very special Masonic Order can rise to the occasion when called on. Please continue to enjoy your Chapter membership and feel some pride in our support of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

E Comp Keith Beattie PPGSN
Provincial Second Grand Principal

Submitted by E Comp Keith Beattie 21/01/2013

Celebratory Convocation - Supreme Grand Chapter website

Janitor's Card.
A new development ....

A “Janitor’s Card” has recently been approved by the Provincial Royal Arch Executive. The text printed on it should help the Candidate to know ‘where he is ‘historically’ and who represents in the ceremony’ when the hoodwink is removed, revealing perhaps the most magnificent, unforgettable but also confusing sight in Freemasonry.

The Janitor should give the card to the Candidate to read before he enters the Chapter. A copy of the card can be given to the Candidate to keep, if the Chapter wishes.

The overall aim is to contribute to the education of new Exaltees and to minimise confusion.

The card can be downloaded by accessing the link and any feedback you have will be gratefully received.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 23/12/2012

Janitor's Card

Flowerden Chapter No 7576
Consecration and Installation ....

The Province of Cumberland and Westmorland welcomed its newest and 29th Chapter into its Royal Arch Family when the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Companion Norman James Thompson DL, and the Provincial Team Consecrated and Dedicated Flowerden Chapter 7576 on Saturday 17th November in the Masonic Hall in Kendal.

The hall was filled to capacity to receive the ME Grand Superintendent who would be the Consecrating Officer and the Provincial team under the direction of E.Comp Barry Bower, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

In a solemn ceremony the 23 Petitioners and Founders of the Chapter approved the Chapter Principals and Officers who would preside over them, the Charter of the Chapter was then read and the elements of Consecration, Corn a symbol of plenty and abundance was scattered, Wine to symbolise joy and cheerfulness and Oil as an emblem of peace and unanimity were perambulated around the Chapter and poured in accordance with custom. The 3rd Provincial Grand Principal gave an eloquent and thoughtful oration on the Nature and Principles of Royal Arch Masonry.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent congratulated and welcomed the new Chapter into the Province and wished them a strong and healthy future before Excellent Companion J.W. Leslie PGSwdB, Deputy Grand Superintendent, took the chair and carried out the Installation of the first Flowerden Chapter Principals. E.Comp.William Douthwaite PGStdB was installed as MEZ, E.Comp. Christopher John Band PAGSoj was installed as ‘H’ and E.Comp.William Gott PPrGSN as ‘J’.

E.Comp. Douthwaite then installed the Chapter officers for the ensuing year and dealt with the Chapter business, approval of by-laws, election of auditors and representatives and received propositions before closing the Chapter and retiring to the Festive Board.

The Chapter will meet in Milnthorpe and is attached to Bela Lodge 7576. The name Flowerden is taken from the Masonic building in Milnthorpe named Flowerden House.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Clark 22/11/2012

Brigantes Installation
An account of the recent Convocation ....

On Saturday 20th October, Brigantes Chapter held its installation convocation at Kendal Masonic Hall. It was a well attended event and the guest of honour was the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. John W. Leslie.

Prior to the Installation ceremony, the companions had the great pleasure of conferring honorary membership on the Deputy Grand Superintendent. The MEZ, Comp. Bob Erett, commented that E. Comp. Leslie had attended on more occasions than some of the Chapter’s members and that, as he had been such a good friend to the Chapter, it was right and proper that we should make him an honorary member. E. Comp. Leslie responded that he felt honoured to be welcomed in such a way and accepted honorary membership with much pleasure.

The ceremony was shared by many companions. The MEZ installed E. Comp Albert Cherry into the First Principal’s chair. Albert Cherry installed E. Comp Phil Cragg into the Second Principal’s chair and Phil Cragg installed E. Comp. Phil Rampling into the Third Principal’s chair. As all of the incoming principals have previously served as First Principals in other chapters, the installations were somewhat shortened.

The Robe addresses were presented by Comp. Ron Thexton to Joshua, E. Comp. John Atherton to Haggai and E. Comp. Robin Pearson to Zerubbabel. The address to the Principals was given by E. Comp Bob Erett and that to the Companions by E. Comp. Peter Mason, PAGSoj, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

At the social board, a good time was had by all. The MEZ expressed pride in being the first member of the Chapter to occupy all three chairs.

As Brigantes enters its third year, the Companions are looking forward to another busy season. There are lectures to deliver and the Chapter could be travelling to demonstrate their work in sharing in the ceremony of Exaltation.

Submitted by E Comp Dennis Whicker 07/11/2012

Pro First Grand Principal's Address
Supreme Grand Chapter 2012 ....

The text of the address given by the ME Pro First Grand Prinicipal to Supreme Grand Chapter earlier this year can be accessed from the link below.

A number of important topics are covered including the roles of Mentor and Lodge Royal Arch Contact as well as the importance of sharing ritual in Chapters.

All Companions are encouraged to read the address.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 04/11/2012

ME Pro First Grand Principal's Address

2013 Appeal Update
A message from the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. Keith Beattie ....

I would like to thank the Royal Arch Chapters in our Province for the support they have shown to the 2013 Bicentenary Appeal. No doubt your Chapter Charity Steward will have explained the detail of the appeal which, in essence, is hoping to raise £10 plus gift aid from every Companion in the province. Obviously this is a National appeal but I have no doubt that our Province will play its part. The Royal College does not receive financial support from the NHS but they depend on organisations like the Freemasons for funding. We are justly proud to be the major benefactor to The Royal College but we can only maintain our support through your help.

Surgical research continues to provide significant advances in:-
Hip and knee replacements - The Prevention of Strokes - reconstructive surgery for trauma and war wound victims - Less invasive surgery and quicker recovery - skilled operations to improve hearing and sight - cancer survival rates - and more.

Could I ask you to make sure that your Chapter is supporting this appeal and help the Province to better our target if we can. This is a wonderful way to mark The Royal Arch Masons' 2013 Bicentenary Appeal and you don't have to be a Royal Arch Mason to contribute. Any donation you may wish to make will be gratefully received.

Further information can be obtained from Keith Beattie or Andrew Sykes

Updated by Editor 19/10/2012
Further Guidance and Suggestions
More DC information ....

Click to discover some useful guidance for DCs on helping candidates make more sense of the Royal Arch.

Guidance will be added to the DCs' page at regular intervals.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Mason 16/10/2012
Even More "Did You Know?"
Read all about it ....

Click to read about a fascinating Royal Arch topic - Signs.

Submitted by E. Comp. Peter Mason 30/09/2012
Ladies' Summer Ball
An enjoyable and successful evening ......

The Royal Arch Chapter activities in support of the 2013 Bicentennial Appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons of England are well underway. Ex. Companion Keith Beattie, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, played host to 120 Companions, Brethren and their Ladies and Guests at a Ladies’ Summer Ball held on the 16th June 2012.

This event stared out as a West Cumberland Group activity but soon gained support from across the Province. The Ball was held at the Hunday Manor Hotel, Workington, and, despite the modest ticket price of £20, guests were treated to an excellent three course evening meal and entertainment. Johnny Fountain, who outlined the College’s relationship with Freemasonry, represented the Royal College. Mr Quentin Nunes spoke about his research into pancreatic cancer and Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Adam Stannard talked about his research into battlefield vascular injury.

Our very own Joe Sudhakar, who was able to bring a very personal slant to the work of the Royal College, brought the formal part of the event to a close.

All the speakers were very well received and the event raised £750 for the 2013 appeal.

Submitted by E. Comp. Keith Beattie 18/08/2012
More "Did You Know"?
Discover Royal Arch facts......

What do you know about the Triple Tau? Click on this link.

If you have any fascinating facts or unique insights into the Royal Arch we would be delighted to hear them - just email the Editor (see the address in the right hand column).

Updated by Editor 04/08/2012
Sharing The Ritual
A successful demonstration by Brigantes Chapter

When the founders of the Brigantes Chapter No, 9734 were making decisions on how the Chapter would work a few short years ago, one of their prime objectives was to present ritual well. They also wanted to keep their proceedings a simple as possible, so that no individual would be overloaded with large tracts of ritual to learn and deliver. They had a model for the sharing of the work which they decided to adopt. From the very first regular Convocation, the ceremonies have involved work sharing, involving a large number of Companions.

The Chapter has exalted four new Companions and the ceremony involves at least ten Companions. The members of the Chapter like the way the ceremonies are worked and, more importantly, all four candidates have said that they were very impressed with the ceremony and particularly enjoyed the fact that many members took part. This latter point is important, as these new companions are the future of the Chapter and of the Royal Arch Province.

It is all very well for the members of the Chapter to be satisfied with the concept of work sharing and, normally, this would be sufficient. However, news of these approaches spread and it came as a surprise, some months ago, when the Companions of Brigantes were asked by the Province to demonstrate to other Chapters our method of sharing the work in a ceremony of Exaltation.

It was decided to move the regular convocation of Saturday 21 July 2012, to Penrith Masonic Hall. This was to facilitate attendance by as many companions as possible throughout the Province.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Companion Norman James Thompson DL, was going to be present, so the Companions knew that they had to present a good ceremony. The preparation took place over a long period with many rehearsals to iron out any small wrinkles.

The big day came as planned. Unfortunately all the Companions were disappointed that, due to illness, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was unable to be there. However, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. John W. Leslie, PGSwdB, the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. Keith Beattie and other acting officers of the Province were in attendance.

The Exaltation of Brother David George Harper, a member of Brigantes Lodge, No. 9734, was carried out by a team of thirteen Companions, led by the three Principals, Bob Erett, MEZ; Albert Cherry, H; and Phil Cragg, J. E. Comp. Peter Mason, PAGSoj, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, Interjected at certain points during the ceremony, to explain the significance of what was taking place. This allowed many companions to understand more of what the ceremony is all about and it would be fair to say that no-one went away from the meeting not having learned something new.

Over 60 companions attended including 35 visitors from 14 Chapters (two of them from outside the Province).  Well over £200 was collected. The majority will go to the 2013 appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons with the remainder going to the 2016 RMBI Festival.  This collection was the highest amount ever taken by Brigantes Chapter.

Submitted by E Comp Bob Erett 27/07/2012
Did You Know?
Discover Royal Arch facts......

What do you know about the Triangle? To test yourself, click on this link.

We will be featuring fascinating snippets of Royal Arch information in the coming weeks and encourage all Companions to contribute with their knowledge and insight. It will be featured on a separate webpage entitled "Did You Know?" which can be accessed via the link above or from the "Papers & Resources for Companions" page.

Let's all share our perspectives to help us make our daily advancement.

Updated by Editor 16/07/2012
Royal Arch Papers
Your daily advancement

Please remember to visit our webpages that contain papers and resources that will be of great interest to all Royal Arch masons.

Topics covered are wide and varied including interesting perspectives on some of the ornaments and furniture of the Chapter as well as a detailed history of the Royal Arch in three parts. Simply click on the relevant link on the left or start here.

We are sure these papers will keep you enthralled but if there are topics that you would like to see covered or if you have a question on any aspect of the Royal Arch, please email us (address in right hand column).

Recent new additions to the page include histories of Scottish and irish Royal Arch masonry as well as thoughts on the origins of the Royal Arch.

Updated by Editor 25/06/2012 - further update 08/07/12
Brigantes Exaltation - Sharing the Work
Upcoming event at Penrith Masonic Hall

Brigantes Chapter extends an opportunity for all Royal Arch Masons in the Province to attend their next Regular Convocation which will be held in Penrith Masonic Hall on July 21st 2012.
Come and see for yourself how the Exaltation Ceremony can be made more 'user friendly' and much more enjoyable by involving more members.  See and hear how Z's work can be sensibly shared with H & J and the Principal Sojourners work by all three Sojourners.
Don't miss this new and progressive move towards making Masonic ritual more enjoyable, achievable and accessible to all.  Hear how the interjection of different voices add colour to the ceremony without detracting from the dignity of the occasion and allows more members an opportunity to participate in the work.

If you are interested in attending please email

Please also note that meals must be booked in 14th July- you can download the relevant form below.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 18/06/2012

Download meal booking form

Why Should I Join?
A talk for Craft Lodges

If you would like to give Brethren an informative perspective on the Royal Arch (especially those who have not joined yet!) and your Lodge is looking around for a talk, W. Bro. Peter Mason would be more than happy to visit and deliver a presentation covering the unique nature of the Royal Arch and the completion of the Craft picture.

If your Lodge is interested, simply get in touch via the email given in the right hand column or contact Peter directly: his details are on the poster which can be downloaded below.

Submitted by E Comp Peter Mason 15/06/2012

Download poster

Royal Arch Newsletter
Spring 2012 publication issued

The latest Cumberland and Westmorland Royal Arch Newsletter has been issued. Companions may already have seen it via email. It can also be downloaded from the link on the right hand column. As subsequent editions are released, they will always be available on this page.

The Spring 2012 edition features the recent "Rebuilding a Royal Arch Temple" ceremony as well as other news items, many of which are featured on this website.

The Newsletter is an excellent means of spreading Royal Arch News via Hall noticeboards, particularly to Companions who may not have access to the internet.

Updated by Editor 13/06/2012
Rebuilding a Royal Arch Temple
An account of a memorable evening..

E Comps B Kirkbride and P MasonOn 31st May, the members of Custodes Copiae Chapter of Provincial Grand Stewards No. 9430, presented their version of the “Re-building of a Royal Arch Chapter” to a large audience of Royal Arch Masons in Cleator Moor Masonic Centre.

The presentation, attended by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent – Comp. Norman James Thompson DL - accompanied by his new team of Provincial Grand Officers, commenced in darkness with a brief historical background given by the narrator and demonstration producer - E.Comp. Peter Mason PAGSoj, APrGPs. As the lighting was raised, members of Custodes Copiae Chapter gradually entered the room bearing items of Chapter furnishings, which were briefly explained and placed in position, concluding with a colourful entry of the Banners of the Principal Tribes of Israel with their 12 respective Ensigns, Each explained before being placed in their respective positions.

When all items of furniture were in place, the 3 Principals – E.Comps. B Kirkbride PrGCStwd (Z), J.A. Bowness (H) and R.J. Benn PrDGDC - entered the room. The Chapter was opened and its Charter displayed. After singing the hymn ‘Eternal Father’, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal – E. Comp. Rev R.F. Roeschlaub offered prayers of rededication, which were followed by the Hymn – ‘Guide me, O thou Great Jehovah’. Those present were then invited to join an Exaltation ceremony at that part of the proceedings where the Candidate (Comp. Moore, the most recent candidate into JJ Robinson Chapter) has just taken his obligation and is about to be restored to light, revealing perhaps thee most wonderful sight in Freemasonry. On being restored to light, E.Comp. Brian Marginson PPrPGSoj, (acting as Principal Sojourner) gave a wonderful and moving explanation of the tableau revealed to the Candidate. The ‘Charge after Enlightenment’ (which the Grand Superintendent hopes will be adopted by every Chapter in the Province) was then delivered by the 3 Principals.

A collection in support of the Royal Arch 2013 Bi-Centenary Appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons was taken, realising the sum of just over £650.

The First Principal of the Chapter – E.Comp. Barry Kirkbride - thanked all who had supported the demonstration and hoped that everyone had not only enjoyed the evening and, by their attendance, had gained some further understanding of the Royal Arch.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent accompanied by his team retired from the Chapter followed by the 1st Principals of other Chapters present. The Chapter was closed and all retired to enjoy the Festive Board at which a further sum in excess of £400 was raised for Charity.

The members of the demonstration team were indebted to the Provincial Grand Organist – E.Comp. James Alan Jackson - for his excellent musical interludes which added greatly to the dignity, colour and splendour of the occasion.

The demonstration was based on an original idea by E.Comp. William E Smith PGStdB of the Provincial Stewards of West Lancashire Chapter No 8516, to whom grateful thanks are expressed.

Submitted by John Asplin 06/06/2012
Royal Arch Summer Ball
An evening in aid of the Bicentenary Appeal

On Saturday 16th June 2012 there will be a Summer Ball at Hunday Manor Hotel, near Workington, in support of the 2013 Royal Arch Bicentenary Appeal.

The evening begins at 6.30 for 7.00 pm and proceeds are in aid of The Royal College of Surgeons.

The event is being organised by the West Cumberland and South West Cumberland Groups.

Dress code is formal and there will be dancing to “New Era.”

Tickets, priced £20, can be obtained by contacting Nigel Thomason on 07717 318573.

Shared Exaltation Demonstration
Another innovative development...

Brigantes Chapter No. 9734, consecrated only 18 months ago, has been invited to demonstrate how an Exaltation ceremony can be shared amongst companions of the Chapter, with, in some cases, up to 15 companions taking part.

The demonstration, which will be in the form of a live Exaltation, will be held at Penrith Masonic Hall on Saturday July 21st commencing a 4.00pm with a social board afterwards.

The event is open to all Royal Arch companions from all over the Province.

Booking forms will be available shortly but if you want to register your interest and be sent one when they are available, please send a message to one of the email addresses below.

Submitted by E. Comp. Chris Butterfield 20/05/2012

Download poster

The Grand Superintendent's Address
Annual Convocation and Investiture...

On Thursday 17th May, the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter was held at Carlisle.

The full text of the address given to the Companions by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Comp. Norman James Thompson DL, can be read by accessing this link.

The convocation also saw the investiture of Officers and the list of acting Officers has now been updated and is available via the "Provincial Information" button to the left or directly via this link.

Updated by Editor 19/05/2012

Winder Chapter Donation
£400 donated to the Bicentenary Appeal

At a meeting of Winder Chapter No. 3984, the MEZ, E Comp Stuart Wilkinson, presented a cheque for £400 to the Provincial Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp John Leslie.

The donation was in support of the Bicentenary Appeal of Supreme Grand Chapter for the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 

This donation means that Winder Chapter has now made the suggested donation of £10 from every Chapter member.


Submitted by E Comp Ian Turner, 18/05/2012
Website Launched
A new Royal Arch development in the Province.

Our new Royal Arch website is now live, launched by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent at the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter on the on 17th May. Designed to further enhance the already widely-admired main website for the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland, the project is the brainchild of E. Comp. Peter Mason, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

Commenting on the construction and launch of the website, Peter said "I hope you will find the information contained in this site both interesting and useful and that it will assist you to understand more about our wonderful Order. Our aim is to promote the Royal Arch by building a central source of information on all aspects of the Order, a Forum for an interchange of ideas, a Question and Answer page with a facility to ask procedural questions and obtain ‘official’ answers, a section containing information for Chapter Mentors, Craft Lodge Royal Arch Contacts, various items of miscellaneous ritual and many other items of interest to all Royal Arch Masons. I hope it will encourage you to ask questions and raise any topics of Royal Arch interest which might be of benefit to us all"

It is very much hoped that the website will prove popular with Companions and that everybody will feel involved with developing it into a one-stop-shop resource. In these early stages, comments and suggestions are particularly welcome: please email them to the website Editor.

Updated by Editor 18/05/2012

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