Royal Arch Provincial Officers
Provincial Rank Acting Officer Lodge/Chapter
ME Grand Superintendent Comp. Norman James Thompson DL Gsupt McKay Chapter No.1390
Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Peter Mason PGSwdB. DGSupt Brigantes Chapter No.9734
Second Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Glyn Titterington 2ndPrGP Chapter of Regularity No.339
Third Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. David Kellet PAGSoj 3rdPrGP Wansfell Chapter No.2745
Assistant to Provincial Grand Principals E. Comp. Joseph Graeme Wilson AtoPrGP's Sun & Sector Chapter No.962
Scribe Ezra E. Comp. KeithBeaumont PGStdB PrGSE McKay Chapter No.1390
Scribe Nehemiah E. Comp. Gordon David Hunter PrGSN Belted Will ChapterNo 3018
Treasurer E. Comp. Stephen Hollins-Gibson PrGTreas Chapter of Regularity No 339
Registrar E. Comp. J A James PGStdB PrGReg Wansfell Chapter No.2745
Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Barrie Bower PGStdB. PrGDC Chapter of St John No.8660
Sword Bearer E. Comp. Robert Nicholson PrGSwdB Kenlis Chapter No.1267
Deputy Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Thomas Hodgson PrDGDC Nicholson Chapter No.371
Deputy Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. George Johnson PrDGDC Arlecdon Chapter No.1660
Almoner E. Comp. Stanley Moffat PGStdB PrGAlm Kenlis Chapter No.1267
Charity Steward E. Comp. Keith Tood Lowthian PrGChStwd Winder Chapter No.3984
Principal Sojourner E. Comp. Leslie Miller PrGPSoj Greta Chapter No1073
First Assistant Sojourner E. Comp. David Leonard Rowbotham Pr1stAGSoj Alston Chapter No 2794
Second Assistant Sojourner E. Comp. Kelvin Ernest Hunter Pr2ndAGSoj Border City Chapter No 2906
Assistant Scribe Ezra E. Comp. John Fielding PrAGSE Wansfell Chapter No.2745
Standard Bearer E. Comp. Andrew Edward Inglesfield PrGStdB Nicholson Chapter No.371
Standard Bearer E. Comp. Philip Simon Latham PrGStdB Kendal Castle Chapter No.129
Standard Bearer E. Comp. John Andrew Wrennall PrGStdB Wansfell Chapter No.2745
Organist E. Comp. James Alan Jackson PrGOrg Sun & Sector Chapter No.962
Assistant Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Brian Stephen Ferrington PrAGDC Flowerden Chapter No 7576
Assistant Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Jeffrey Bell PrAGDC McKay Chapter No.1390
Steward E. Comp. Simon John Brownlow PrGStwd Solway Chapter No 1220
Steward E. Comp. James Alfred Burgess PrGStwd Sun and Sector Chapter No 962
Steward E. Comp. James Richard Cowie PrGStwd Flowerden Chapter No 7576
Steward E. Comp. Keith Joseph Johnston PrGStwd Chapter of Regularity No 339
Steward E. Comp. Alan Mossop PrGStwd Lewis Chapter No 872
Steward E. Comp. Leonard John Purser PrGStwd Chapter of St John No 8660
Janitor E. Comp. Christopher John Gabbott PrGJan Windermere Chapter No.2217
Provincial Officers

Comp. Norman James Thompson DL Gsupt
ME Grand Superintendent

E. Comp. Peter Mason PGSwdB. DGSupt
Deputy Grand Superintendent

E. Comp. David Kellet PAGSoj 3rdPrGP
Third Provincial Grand Principal