Scribe E

The Document in the right hand column gives extensive guidance that will be of great use to Chapter Scribes E.

In addition, you will find Electronic Form "P" and the current RA Toast List.

The secretariat facility (link on right) provides Scribe E's with the facility to upload a PDF copy of their summons to the website. When Scribe Es are issued with access to the Provincial Webmail facility they are automatically enrolled into the Secretariat facility. Click here for a guide to using the Secretariat facility.


Click on the links below:

C&W Guidance for Scribe E

Form P

Please note: this must be printed on A4 double-sided 90 gsm paper or it will be rejected by Supreme Grand Chapter

Secretariat Facility

Royal Arch Regulations SGC


Other Links useful for Scribes:

Ritual page

DC page (including Janitor's Card)

Mentor page (including mandatory documents to be given to new Companions)


If you have a query please email us and we will try to answer it: